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Top 10 PC Games of All Time

There are many top PC game countdowns out there, but they often find themselves to be skewed to the more recent releases. This list looks at not only the technical feats of the game, but also it’s popularity, its longevity and its playability to create a list of the top PC games (and series) of all times – games that have endured and become household names, and games that each of us have and will hold dear memories of. In no particular order they are…

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Jeff Duntemann’s Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux serves as an ideal introduction to x86 computing concepts, as demonstrated by the only language directly understood by the CPU itself and sses an approachable, conversational style that assumes no prior experience in programming of any kind. One of the major benefits is that it focuses entirely on free, open-source software, including Ubuntu Linux, the NASM assembler, the Kate editor, and the Gdb/Insight debugger so no additional purchases are required.
Woven into the presentation are plenty of assembly code examples, plus practical tips …

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Interview with Gobble Green Founder Jennifer Clary

Techettes come from all sorts of backgrounds and companies and it’s always exciting to take a look at some of the more creative business plans women are behind today. One such business, Gobble Green, combines a love of heathly, delicious vegan food with an online marketplace and community to help distribute the food and encourage a more healthy lifestyle overall.
We spoke with Gobble Green founder, Jennifer Clary, about how Gobble Green grew, how the company works, and her tips for other women interested in technology and running a company.
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This April 9-13 the NEC in Birmingham is hosting The Gadget Show Live. The show will exhibit the latest tech for the whole family. The organisers boast the event will have competitions, giveaways, mass gaming and a Super Theatre that will have guest speakers and entertainment.

Visitors will have to buy a ticket for entry and an extra ticket to experience the Super Theatre. And the theatre tickets are starting to sell out if you’re interested in the full experience.

The exhibitors will be showing off in the main arena. There will …

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[13 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments]
Anna Debenham Presents A Guide to Effective Freelancing

Techettes recently published an interview with teen freelance developer Anna Debenham and on 8 August, 2009, had the opportunity to see her present at the Tomorrow’s Web Conference. For those who couldn’t make the event, here is Anna discussing A Teenagers Guide to Effective Freelancing.

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23snaps, the Family Photo Journal is a private social network designed especially for families who want to share moments and stories without the fear of the rest of the Internet seeing that precious content.

23snaps (http://www.23snaps.com) is a free photo sharing app for families that makes it easy for parents to save photos, videos, measurements, stories and updates of their children to a beautiful family journal, and then privately share those moments with family and close friends around the world. You can even order photobooks and prints of your favorite memories.
With …