Does iPhone or Android have the better app store?

While apps – especially games apps like online casino ones – are certainly not the only attraction of mobile phones for people, they are unquestionably a major part of the appeal. After all, a mobile could have a large, crystal clear screen display and a super powerful processor, but without apps it is still essentially not that much more than a standard phone. If you doubt the importance of high quality games apps for mobile users, you only need to look at the problems major manufacturers like Nokia and HP experienced in competing with the iPhone, because they could not compete with Apple’s App Store.

Now however, the App Store does have a genuine rival – the Android Market or Google Play. The Android operating system developed by Google is the main competitor to the iOS one, and it accounts for more than half of the smartphone market share, so it should offer a serious alternative to the App Store, and for those buying apps to download to their phones it certainly has real benefits. The Android Market currently offers far more free apps for download than the App Store does – with around 430,000 free ones compared to just 287,000, according to figures compiled by the AppBrain website. Thus, if you want decent apps for your phone but you do not have much in the way of disposable income, the Android Market is probably the best option.

However the number of apps sold for free there means that it is struggling to compete with the App Store when it comes to attracting the very best developers, simply because it offers them less chance of making money from their creations. With the average price of an app at the Apple store being just over $2, the chances of making a killing are fairly remote anyway, but if the app is sold for free, there isn’t any chance. So if you are a developer, or a buyer wanting the most cutting edge games apps, the App Store may still be the best bet.

You should also keep in mind that sometimes a game or other feature is best acquired directly from the source. If you like to play casino games, for example, you can get your slots game directly from You can download the slots game to your phone or just play in browser, and neither option will cost you anything. Sometimes an app store is just an unnecessary middleman – and the money saved can always be used for new games.