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In today’s busy world, it’s nice to have everything in one place. This is why people like Selfridges. Harrods. Even Asda and Walmart. Food, clothes, home furnishing, pharmacy, hair and beauty salons… one location, all of your needs catered to without any of the time-depleting travel between different locations.

If only it were the same in business. Imagine being able to go to one place to do all of your marketing for the week – such as schedule all of your social media updates, coordinate an email campaign, set up a mobile flyer, even improve search visibility and generate some backlinks and traffic to your website. Then, like a receipt for your Harrods shopping trip, be able to see the report of all of your efforts in one place. Something like that would really hit the bullseye.

And speaking of… it seems like Spoonfed Media, the creators of London’s leading entertainment guide Spoonfed.co.uk, have just announced the release of Bullseyehub, a product that does exactly that.

Bullseyehub allows companies to reach their customers online more effectively and efficiently with a sweet suite of tools that combines email, mobile, social media, broadcast of information to other key publishers and reporting and analysis of all marketing activity. Given Spoonfed Media’s expertise in the entertainment space, it’s not surprising that Bullseyehub is targeted at £6.95 billion entertainment sector but other industries have already started snapping up Bullseye accounts as the tools are applicable to any business looking for an easier and more consolidated way to connect with online customers.

Craig Winterton, Club Promoter for Ministry of Sound, has been impressed with the results for his business; “Bullseyehub has definitely given our events more exposure. Since using the system we have significantly increased our reach and increased web traffic to Ministry of Sound websites.”

In the future, Bullseyehub looks to increase the amount of reporting it provides users, add additional social media functionality and develop the broadcast functionality. To learn more about Bullseyehub or to take a video tour, visit http://www.bullseyehub.com.

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  1. TMV sub-editor Chris Hainslin talks to Alexander Will and Henry Erskine Crum about the recent launch of Bullseyehub.com. The founders of Spoonfed are predicting a radical change in the music industry, and are already one step ahead.

    Related Q&A here: http://www.themusicvoid.com/2010/07/exclusive-q-a-alexander-will-henry-erskine-crum-founders-of-bullseyehub-com/

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