Skim Some off the Top

Commission Junction is too confusing and DoubleClick emails keep hitting your spam filters (it’s probably a sign). How do you get going with affiliate sales on your blog or website without compromising your content, putting in hours of research or spamming your readers? Simple. You use Skimlinks.

London startup Skimlinks takes the pain out of affiliate marketing by making the process so simple, you’re going to think you’re missing something. Simply sign up for Skimlinks, copy the custom code provided, paste it into the footer of your website and voila – every link on your site has automatically become an affiliate link. Directing your users to Amazon? Get a portion of the sale if they buy anything there. Talking up a new album release? Earn a few pennies when your reader buys it from the iTunes store. Recapping your trip to London? Easy money if someone signs up for the same city pass you used.

While prior to Skimlinks bloggers needed to decide which merchants they wanted to enter an affiliate relationship with, sign up, wait for approval, and then link to specific products to earn a commission, now Skimlinks makes it possible to earn money from the links you already include in your website. What is particularly great about this service is that it doesn’t require you to change the way you blog or shoehorn in affiliate links to try to make a few bucks from your readers.

Skimlinks has thousands of merchants on board and is adding more every day. They also provide a WordPress plugin to help you determine which merchants are already part of the Skimlinks affiliate program (although it will automatically check any link in your site regardless). Simple to sign up and use, a snap to install and possibly the least difficult way to start earning affiliate revenue on your site, Skimlinks revolutionises the online affiliate marketing industry.

So go on. Direct your readers to all the retail sites you did before. Now you can just skim a little off the top.