Teen Techies Transform Tomorrow’s Web

In a country where most adults seem more interested in teen knife crime than the amazing achievements of some of Britain’s most successful young entrepreneurs, it was a great day when teen techies Grant Bell and Robert Day joined forces to organise Tomorrow’s Web. Pitched as an opportunity to put under-21 entrepreneurs centre stage, this one day London event will place budding businessmen and women face to face with London investors, start up networks such as Sun’s Startup Essentials and each other while they network, share ideas and prove that, age completely aside, they’ve got what it takes to make it.

And if the growing list of speakers is any indication, a number of these kids could teach a thing or two to the older Tomorrow Web attendees. On the schedule to share their experiences are Michael Dunlop, author of Retire at 21; 18 year old Greg Cooper, specialist designer leading up UI for Youmeo; schoolboy Jason Scales who runs Buzz Servers Ltd between classes and is the youngest person in the UK to own a registered company and Charlie McDonnell, YouTube alias charlieissocoollike the UK’s third most subscribed YouTuber.

Yet while the successful teens might already be running rings around some of their older counterparts, the idea isn’t to get some adult to swoop in and hire a teen while they still know it all, but to get other London and UK teens excited about following their own entrepreneurial yearnings and get involved in technology. With free tickets, even today’s cash-strapped teens and tweens should be able to come along – and who knows, might pick up a few tips to make them their first millions.

Tomorrow’s Web Conference is coming August 8, 2009 with more speakers, events and details to be announced over the next few weeks. Whether you are a teen interested in tech, an investor with ears for some new ideas or just like what’s young and hot, this is not an event to be missed. Can’t make it to the event? Keep an eye on Techettes for interviews with the teens, features on their companies and a recap of the Tomorrow’s Web Conference.

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